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At Yesterday’s Trees, trees are our sole focus, and it shows in every tree we touch. We are full-time tree service professionals who are passionately dedicated to the tree service industry.

Yesterday’s Trees provides a full range of tree services. We complete projects as small as one tree and a chainsaw all the way to the most complex, intricate, and multiple-day tree trimming and removal. 

Yesterday’s Trees invested in specialized tree cutting equipment to remove trees 80 feet and higher. The tree cutting equipment lifts up to 11,000 pounds – enough to handle even the largest Maple, Oak, or Hickory.

Based in De Pere, Wisconsin, Yesterday’s Trees serves the Greater Green Bay area in Northeast Wisconsin and the surrounding communities. Contact us today, and tell us about your tree service project and location.

You love your well-maintained lawn, and so do we. Yesterday’s Trees uses lightweight equipment with big, float tires so residents aren’t fixing ruts in the yard after we leave. Most clients tell us they don’t even know we were there, because they don’t have a mess in the yard or damage to the lawn.

Yesterday’s Trees assists a wide range of Green Bay, Wisconsin-area, commercial customers. These include golf courses, paper mills, apartment complexes, rental property managers, retail businesses, and others. We also perform tree services for residential and municipal clients in and around Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

Yesterday’s Trees uses modern tree service equipment to grab, saw, and remove branches growing over structures. An innovative combination of clamps, chain saw, and occasionally a crane enables our operators to safely remove branches growing over structures. Our equipment clamps onto a tree trunk or branch with strong jaws, cuts through the wood, and lifts the trunk or branch away. We can remove an entire tree top all at once and can manipulate heavy branches and tree trunks in a safe, efficient manner.

Professional Year-Round Tree Services

Don’t let an amateur ruin your trees. Yesterday’s Trees is one of a handful of full-time tree service companies in this area that offers year-round tree service. We are passionately dedicated to the tree service industry, and that is what we focus on.

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