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Property owners often think that they can handle a tree-trimming or tree removal project themselves. Equipped with a chainsaw and a ladder, they attempt to trim branches and cut down trees. But gravity is a cruel mistress, and trees and tree branches don’t always fall predictably. Sometimes, tree cutting can go horribly wrong. DIY arborists end up with a limp, a bent-up ladder, and a wife saying, “I told you to call somebody!” That somebody is Yesterday’s Trees. Yesterday’s Trees, of De Pere, Wisconsin, is a fully insured, full-service tree trimming and tree removal business providing customers with the best tree services experience they have ever had. 

Select the Tree Services That Work for You

stump grinding services by Yesterday's Trees

Clients can choose the tree services they need. Sometimes, clients just want a tree cut down so they can work on it safely. Some clients want the wood to stay on site; others want the wood removed. While some prefer to have the stumps ground and the site restored to grass, others tell us to leave the stump. We are happy to price out our tree services separately, enabling clients to select the services to fit their ambition and budget. When reviewing competing tree services quotes, pay attention to what is and isn’t included. Other tree services might leave the site with work undone and a mess to clean up. 

Year-round Tree Services in Brown County WI

Yesterday’s Trees, A+-rated by the Better Business Bureau, offers year-round tree services in Green Bay, De Pere, and Brown County, Wisconsin. Trees are our sole focus, and it shows in every tree we touch. We specialize in the following tree services: 

Tree Cutting to remove diseased, dead, storm-damaged, downed trees, or living trees growing too close or in the wrong places. 

Tree Trimming and Pruning to remove overgrown branches that cause property damage or arguments with the neighbor 

Brush Chipping to process narrow logs, brush, and sticks for landscapers and farmers to use. Large logs become firewood.

Site Preparation to clear trees and brush for new home construction, remodeling, apartments, or businesses.

Stump Grinding, debris removing, hole filling, soil prepping and re-seeding, so all you need to do is water the grass and watch it grow

Green Bay-Area Tree Trimming & Tree Cutting

Contact Yesterday’s Trees for a complimentary site consultation and free quote for comprehensive tree services. We help Green Bay, Wisconsin, homes, businesses, and municipalities as they:

  • Put in a pool, deck, or garden, and trees are in the way, too messy, and giving too much shade
  • Protect a roof, fence, garage, and a neighbor’s property from overgrown trees
  • Correct drainage problems that leave water in the basement due to rain or snow melt
  • Prevent tree roots from cracking foundations, lifting driveways, and damaging septic systems 
  • Install a satellite dish or ham radio tower, and tree branches are blocking the signal
  • Want to remove trees growing close to homes, buildings, swimming pools, or small lots 

Yesterday’s Trees is today’s top choice for tree work. For competitive, upfront pricing for a variety tree services in Greater Green Bay, Wisconsin, contact Yesterday’s Trees.

Contact Us for a Free Site Consultation & Quote

Don’t let an amateur ruin your trees. Yesterday’s Trees is one of a handful of full-time tree service companies in this area that offers year-round tree service. We are passionately dedicated to the tree service industry, and that is what we focus on.

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